Information for passengers

Preparing for flight

Hot air balloon flights start early in the morning with the sunrise or in the evening a few hours before sunset. This time is chosen because of the thermocouples (warm air currents) that are activated during the day by heating the earth's surface.

Prime conditions for the flight are a weak wind on the ground, good visibility and no rain. The location of the balloon is chosen according to the wind direction.

Weather forecast can be inaccurate, therefore, even when you arrive at the starting point, the flight can be moved to the next day for safety reasons if necessary. Winter flights are also available.

Flight duration

It takes 3 to 4 hours for the balloon to be lifted, flight, landing, traditional champagne drinking, and returning to the meeting point. The air balloon flight takes about an hour on average.


Wear comfortable clothes (cotton advised) that cover the whole body (usually in the evening can be mosquitoes), wear comfortable shoes. When the balloon rises, the temperature does not change.


All passengers are insured with aviation insurance.